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Centre number: 80069
We offer Germanlanguage course for beginners. All classes are conducted in German-English and the instruction is based on communicative methods. The course are progressively structured and presented in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

PASCH offers its own funding program for contacts between schools in Germany and abroad and the resulting partnerships. The encounters often generate great interest in the country and the language of the partner students among German and foreign young people.

We are proud to receive recognition from PASCH- Schule in 2018. More than 10 years Riam Road Secondary School (RRSS) has been partnership with PASCH-Schule.
Examinations and Certificates
European Standard
The German courses are based on the European Framework of Reference for Language Levels, which defines the language skills that you will reach on completing a given course level. Each level leads to an internationally acknowledge examination.

International Recognition
The examinations and certificates meet the standards of ALTE – the Association of Language Testers in Europe. The examination were developed by qualified experts, and are implemented and graded uniformly around the world.
A1 – 10 months (4 hours per week – 2 days)
A2 – 10 months (4 hours per week – 2 days)
6 LEVELS of German Language:
A1 – Beginner
A2 – Elementary
B1 – Intermediate
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Sunday and Public Holiday

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