Riam Institute of Technology takes the opportunity to congratulate all SPM 2014 High Achievers (9A+)!


Riam Institute of Technology (RIAMTEC) has been selected by Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (Ministry of Education) as one of its A-Level centres which Bursary Students can choose to enroll in. Thus students who qualify for the 2014 KPM Bursary programme may register with RIAMTEC for the 18 May 2015 intake. On top of this, students are also eligible for the RIAMTEC special university incentive up to RM 10,000*.


The Ministry of Education has announced that all Malaysian students who scored 9A+ and above in the 2014 SPM examinations are entitled to apply for the 2014 KPM Student Bursary Programme.


RIAMTEC would like to congratulate all the students who have done well in their 2014 SPM examinations. (For further information on the KPM Bursary, kindly visit MOE website at http://apps.moe.gov.my/bursaryspm /)


Please contact the followings if you wish to know more about the KPM Bursary Programme in Riam Institute of Technology, Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia.

i.   John Wong (0168792211)

ii.  Dr Jenny Lee (0128785811)

iii.  Michael Kong (0138018656)


Admissions procedures to Riam Institute of Technology’s Cambridge A-Level


1.      Fill in the RIAMTEC’s programme application form and attach the following necessary documents:

            a. ‘Slip pengesahan maklumat Bursary Pelajar Cemerlang Lepasan SPM Tahun 2014’ & ‘Slip penerimaan Bursary KPM’

            b. 1 certified true copy of SPM result and school leaving certificate

            c. 1 certified true copy of Identity Card

            d. 1 passport-sized photograph


2.      Fill in the RIAMTEC’s Accomodation application form if accommodation is required.

            a. 1 certified true copy of Identity Card

            b. 2 passport-sized photographs


3.      Applicants under the bursary are not required to pay the Application and Registration fees.


4.      RIAMTEC’s Admissions Unit will issue the offer letter to applicants.


5.       The KPM Bursary recipient needs to submit a copy of the ‘Slip Pengesahan Penerimaan Bursary KPM’ to RIAMTEC as an acknowledgement of accepting the bursary to pursue their A-Level

programme at RIAMTEC and to secure the place.



*Terms  and  Conditions apply