For direct Bank-in, please include bank commission.

Bank-in statement is to be faxed with student's name to 085-612944 for record and verification purpose.


Bank                     : RHB Bank

Account No.        : 2-11025-0005656-7


·   Payment can be made by Cash, Direct Bank-In, Cheque or Bank Draft.

·   All cheques and bank drafts are payable to "Riam Educational Sdn Bhd".



Payment Policy

1.    The total tuition fee does not include Examination Fees and Miscellaneous Fees, e.g: study materials, etc…

2.    Refund of Fees Paid :


Prior to the commencement of programme

(except for registration and other  fee)


After commencement of programme but within 2 weeks of withdrawal

(except for registration and miscellaneous fees)


After the first four weeks of programme

No Refund


*For full details of fees refund, please refer to the RIAMTEC Policy.



Sample RHB Deposit / Repayment Slip


Phone   +60 85-613371      +60 85-612586      +60 85-613758   |     Fax    (60) 85-612944    |    Email